My New Tattoo.

So a couple of weeks ago, I got a new tattoo, bringing my total up to three tattoo’s. I know not everyone likes them…and even if you do like them, you’ll have your own opinion on what type of tattoos you like. Saying that I’m not entirely sure I even have a type. Someone has told me before that the style of tattoo’s I go for is ‘hipster’ …but I’m not even sure what that means…anyway.

My new tattoo is a deer/stag. Now this is the first tattoo I’ve had that’s fully visible, so of course the first question I get asked when someone see’s it is of course “What does it mean?”. So why did I get this tattoo in particular? I’m a bit undecided. Now I know some of you will be like “Oh your one of those people who get a tattoo with no real meaning” well no, I’m not…well not really anyway. When I want a tattoo, I do research. And by research I mean countless hours searching on the internet until my brain turns to mush. This time It even got to the point where I had a whole folder full of tattoo ideas on Pinterest. Which is when I got told that I was over thinking it.

Now I don’t take much advice when it comes to tattoo’s, but this I actually listened to. For once in my life I actually did something without much thought. I chose a tattoo I liked from the start, edited it a bit and had it done. And the outcome? I absolutely love it.

For me I think it mainly symbolises freedom and the power I didn’t actually over think something for once…And that to me means the world.


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