To die in a dream…

A few nights ago…I had a dream.

Now unlike majority of my dreams, this one had a historical background… It was set in Nazi Germany. Now, I love history but the bad thing about this, was that I was a Jew.

The dream began underground, in a similar setting to the London Underground except it was darker and unkept. I was surrounded by loads of other Jews, all of different ages showing a range of emotions. We began being led to what seemed to be two elevator shafts in which groups of Jews were being crammed into. Once we were in the lift we were then made to watch a propaganda movie to distract us, while the lift either moved upwards to a few more days of freedom or down to a dreaded gas chamber.

While waiting anxiously, the propaganda film came to an end and the lift doors began to open. Thankfully the lift had gone up to ‘freedom’, we all scuttled out like rats in a sewer, but the worst was not over. We followed the damp corridor down towards the exit, when from the distance I noticed that the next section, which was similar to airport security where the Nazi’s required a barcode which was imbedded into the skin of Jews.

I looked down at my arms, searching for a barcode. I couldn’t find one, I began to panic thinking that I would never escape back out into the real world without one. I  looked around to see if anyone could help me to get a barcode, failing that I began to run searching for an alternate exit…and that’s when I realised I was beginning to be chased by Nazi’s with guns trying to shoot me.

In that moment I then realised that I was in a dream…but I couldn’t wake myself up and bring myself out of it. I began to think to myself, what if i get shot right now? What if I die and can’t return back to reality. What if my body goes into some sort of coma due to my mind being killed in my imagination? Is that even possible?

All I know is that dreams are weird, and when they get weird my thought process gets weird… nevertheless I still enjoy dreaming…


6 thoughts on “To die in a dream…

  1. I often stick my nose where it doesn’t belong so you can stop reading this if you don’t want any interpretations. If you don’t mind reading it, it is the type of interpretation I learned when I once worked with a Slovak Shamaness. She taught us that everything in our dreams was self. For example, the Nazis would be something inside yourself holding you prisoner and you have a choice to be free or imprisoned. Your distaste for being a Jew (it sounded like distaste, or fear) may only mean being trapped or imprisoned by a religion or belief system. The airport might mean you want to fly spiritually. Not having a bar code may mean you are not labeled. The distraction video is interesting because we all tend to be distracted by propaganda in this world rather than seeking our purpose and soul voice direction. Running from the belief system constantly shooting us with ‘their’ perspective may be the gun chase, especially an oppressive belief system. YMMV. This is just an example. Learning with her about dreams the symbols are often Inner authority, inner desires, inner messages and inner directives….my humble sticking my nose into your dream…do forgive.

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    • Really like your interpretation of it. I look into dream meanings myself through reading a lot of books on dreams and find it really interesting 🙂 so thank you for your feedback and I’ll think a bit deeper into the meaning of that dream 🙂


  2. I’m a dreamer, I love to dream. And sometimes I actually can shape and mould my dreams. I can make things work out for me In my dreams and for those I can’t control, I just wake up! 😀


  3. Niki says:

    Good day, how weird just the other night I had a similar dream, and just to clarify the way I got to this post is by searching the meaning of my dream.
    Anyhow it happen a few nights ago and can’t get it out of my head
    Me and my boyfriend were the Jews and we were being held captive by nazis with a few others whom were unfamiliar to me who were also kept captive, we all were dirty, covered in dirt and pale clothing and so all that I can remember is us getting that gap to escape and the only way out was through sewers we all took that path some of the people who was held with us was caught again and we just kept on running away with the nazis on our tail as we ran through the water and mud we saw an exit as we got closer there was a gate however this red gate looked as if it was forced open by a bomb or so and by the time we had exit the gate we came to look at building that were bombed down like those that are destroyed in Iraq however the place look as if it was a little town Based in England I presumed as it has that style of old fashion houses does in England we could not get over the fact that there were no people it was a ghost town and so as we presumed we got away, we kept walking down the dry roads through the abandoned town and so the nazis out of nowhere we hear yelling at us in English to come back with their strong scary accents and starts to catch up with us…
    And before we officially got caught I woke up!

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    • Jeez, that’s so weird! I wonder what could of triggered that dream for us. It’s not really a usual one to have. I bet your glad you woke up before you were caught though! x


  4. Nikki says:

    Yes I was so happy I woke up it was like reality and I get dreams like that all the time where it extremely intense
    Last night I just had a dream again where I stepped with my bare foot into a certain converse in a garage and saw spider webs looked closely down saw two freaken red back spider and they are extremely poisonis in Australia my foot missed them by two centimetre and as I looked further down there were a extra 3 on the other side of my foot
    Got a massive knot in my stomach omgsh
    But I recon yeah all these dreams represent our fears or present our future
    Like when you dream of you being pregnant or someone having a baby that mean a fresh start to life on ur side
    Aha weirdness

    All the luck to you 🙂

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