Now normally I love shopping. However one thing I actually hate to buy is… foundation. There’s just so many choices, all for different skins types, in a mass variety of shades and colours, and majority of them costing quite a bit to a girl who can only get part time jobs (not through choice).

Now I think a lot of guys reading this could believe there’s a simple solution to this problem. Just don’t buy it! But there’s so many reasons why we feel we must. For example to make ourselves feel better. I mean most days majority of women can’t just roll out of bed and look ‘hot as hell’. For some of us it takes a little bit more than that.

Anyway getting back into what I was talking about, the whole process of finding a brand new foundation after deciding you fancy a change from your ‘normal’ foundation is just all in all stressful. Yes you can do research before going to the shops, because after all the internet is packed full of blog reviews, vlog reviews and even just shop reviews. But that just isn’t enough! Reading a review online and having the product at hand are two completely different things. I mean I do the swab test (on the back of my hand) and sometimes even that’s not helpful. It’s as if the product changes from the time you put it on the back of your hand, go to purchase it, and then get it home! Before you know it that’s Β£9 you’ve wasted on a product you hate.

Am I the only on who has this thought process? Is there no solution to this nightmare….or am I just being a massive girl?

Ughhh! *exhales* Rant over!


11 thoughts on “Foundation…

  1. Completely agree!! I have a love hate relationship with foundation. I love to wear it but it hates my skin and goes all blotchy and shiny 😩 however I have just recently tried Mac Studio Fix foundation and love it!! It’s full coverage (which I love) so not for everyone’s preference.

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  2. I can relate. I just happened to buy some new foundation a few days ago and opted for the sale: buy one and get second one half price so I could try two colors. It worked out well on both colors – Maybelline. In the US all make-up companies stand behind their product. You can return it even if its been opened. Hassle, its true, but at least you might be able to get the money back. They dispose of the product, but its no big loss to them when thousands don’t return.

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    • Glad I’m not alone πŸ™Œ I don’t think I’ve tried Maybelline foundation yet! Which type is it? Jeez that’s really good though! I wonder if the UK would stand by the same policy and do refunds…I’ll have to look into it πŸ™‚


  3. I had the very same issues! I actually gave the whole thing up a while back, and started using BB cream instead. I love it! Though, I still use some compact powder to be completely certain not to get a shiny face. I’m running out of powder now, and of course, I can’t find my old brand. Same issues back all over again…! (It’s so hard being a girl!)


  4. I don’t wear foundation I hate it… And I swear my skin is better for it. Trust me girls… Natural is better, give your skin a breather and let men love you for you ❀️


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